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We provide our customers with high quality services with the support of latest technology machines. Our high skilled experts dedicate their best to meet every customer needs with high precision and utmost professionalism and expertise.

Under ground water detection

We, at City bore well servicesoffer Groundwater Geophysics / Survey. Our company is backed by highly educated and experienced professionals who are technically sound for offering world-class Ground Water Exploration services to meet demand and need of customers while maintaining quality of services and reasonable prices. This method can be very useful in exploring Ground Water resources.

In the past few years, has reached at the zenith for the scientific development and protection of the world's precious groundwater supply. Geophysical investigations of the buried strata can be made either from the land surface or in a drilled hole in formation.

We select the site for both Borewell and Dugwell purely based on the principles of "Geophysical Investigation" using Electrical Resistivity Meter. Exploration for Groundwater involves the investigation of areas for the proper location of wells. Electrical Resistivity investigation offers highly applicable and useful aid in discovering Groundwater resource and quality Groundwater. The depth of water table can also be determined from resistivity soundings. Resistivity Survey is used mainly to determine the subsoil lithology and to assess the potential of Groundwater in the area being

Drilling services

Vertical drilling services

Vertical Drilling Services are widely demanded in agriculture industry for fulfilling the water requirements. We use latest technology and contemporary equipment and tools for accomplishing these services. Tortuosity increases the potential for drilling glitches, like poor hole cleaning, stick/slip and failure to reach planned depth because of rotation and slog. Our services are widely cherished by the clients due to their cost-effectiveness, dependability and timely execution

Super-fast hydraulic drilling services

Super-Fast Hydraulic Drilling Services that are also known as cyclone rigs uses fluid power to work in quick and efficient manner. These services are catered under the supervision of our personnel, who are abreast with the prevailing market trends and know the needs and requirements of our noted clients. We always follow set industry patterns while rendering these services. Further, these services are available ta industry leading prices.

Water well drilling

We have a team of certified trained drillers that will be able to drill your well in any terrain and through most type of earth matter. We have 3 drill rigs ranging from schramm t450 to a schramm t64. This schramm is a heavy duty rig that will go through all your tough bedrock and anything else that is between you and your water. Our schramm t450 is a heavy duty smaller truck able to get to places that other large rigs cannot, and still capable of finding your water

Rain Water Harvesting Services

Rain water harvesting is gaining its importance in the present world. Yet it follows its history to biblical times. Harvesting System is important in household and Industrial zone. A large amount of water is infused to the aquifer. With our rain water harvesting service, we do the process including reasonable screen pipe to be brought down, Sediments dry leaves are filtered before injecting to the aquifer, filtration bed is to be arranged systematically and sediment trap and valves to be arranged.

Plumbing Services

Installing the correct motor is of extreme importance. An incorrect motor can reduce the amount of water that will be pumped out. This can also cause a lot of stress to the motor and burn it and disrupt electrical connections. We provide the correct recommendations, the suitable motors and pumps according to the depth of the bore and water source. We also have qualified technicians who will help to the install the motor

Soil Testing Services

A soil test is the examination of a soil specimen to decide nutrient and contaminated substance, composition, and different qualities, for example, the acidity or pHlevel. A soil test can decide fertility, or the expected growth capability of the soil which demonstrates nutrient inadequacies, potential toxicities from increased fertility and inhibitions from the presence of unimportant trace minerals. The test is used to emulate the capacity of roots to assimilate minerals.