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City Borewells company is a customer-oriented borewell driller operating from Bangalore. We started our journey to make Bangalore water-sufficient in the year 1992. We take personal interest in customer requests which is not heard at the Borewell industry. City Borewells is well recognized and respected as one of City leading driller.

We possess sound knowledge about various aspects of Borewell drilling services in Bangalore. We can drill well ranging in depth from 150 to 1500 feet. Our state of the art equipment list includes super-fast high pressure hydraulic drilling rig instruments and drilling tools which is used for 4 1/2, 6 & 6 1/2 dais borewell drilling.


We provide our customers with high quality services with the support of latest technology machines. Our high skilled experts dedicate their best to meet every customer needs with high precision and utmost professionalism and expertise.

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain water harvesting is gaining its importance in the present world. Yet it follows its history to biblical times. Harvesting System is important in household and Industrial zone. A large amount of water is infused to the aquifer. With our rain water harvesting service, we do the process including reasonable screen pipe to be brought down, Sediments dry leaves are filtered before injecting to the aquifer, filtration bed is to be arranged systematically and sediment trap and valves to be arranged.
A Borewell must be flushed intermittently for the best yield and safety of the Borewell. We have incredible ability in flushing and cleaning Borewell through high pressure air compressor, which takes crude water, dusts or wastes and rotted particles if any. In the event that we locate any rotted particles or creature, we use calcium carbonate in that Borewell to eliminate germs and bacteria. Our company is perceived as a main Borewell cleaning service provider in Bangalore.
Soil Testing
A soil test is the examination of a soil specimen to decide nutrient and contaminated substance, composition, and different qualities, for example, the acidity or pHlevel. A soil test can decide fertility, or the expected growth capability of the soil which demonstrates nutrient inadequacies, potential toxicities from increased fertility and inhibitions from the presence of unimportant trace minerals. The test is used to emulate the capacity of roots to assimilate minerals.





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We believe in quality and customer satisfaction. We are recognised as one of the leading borewell solutions that offers exquisite services with the help of latest drilling machines that fulfil domestic, industrial and agricultural bore well requirements in and around Bangalore.

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We believe in complete customer support in every effort we put in for the successful completion each project.


We believe in complete customer support in every effort we put in for the successful completion each project.

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We ensure that every work is done with high quality standards without compromising the dedication, perfection and loyalty towards the work.

We have reasonable prices

Compared to the competitors, we provide the best services at a reasonable prices. Our skilled professionals complete your needs without any delays and serve you at best.


With proven track record and years of experience in the field, we are a reliable company and our services are preferred by many of our satisfied clients.

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With the help of our high skilled borewell services at affordable rates, you can reduce your water bills and drought proofs your property with a bore.

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